Custom Builds
Custom rifles from start to finish

Whether a service rifle conversion such as the 1909 Mauser, or from scratch on a Custom action. Anything is possible....
Bring your "TREASURED" firearm back to its former glory

Rust Bluing - Nitre Bluing - Stock Refinishing - Color Case Hardening

Henry 1866
New barrel installed and chambered to factory specifications
 Modern or antique

Enfield 1917 - Restoration
Re-grinding rear bridge after welding several bad attempts at tapping for mounts. A common problem on Springfield and Enfield actions
Complete rebuild on Remington Model 12
Missing parts sourced
Barrel liner installed
Colt python revolver tuning.

 Is your classic out of time? I can bring that accuracy back.
Smith & Wesson
modified to accept pinned Patridge sight